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Arimathean Ministry

The word “Arimathean” comes from Joseph of Arimathea, who gave up his own tomb for Jesus. This ministry is based on Luke 23: 50-56 where Joseph of Arimathea took responsibility for the burial of Jesus.  By simply being there, you can be Christ to others in their time of difficulty.

Arimatheans help those parishioners who are in the grieving process and who may have little or no family in the area. Those who sign up for this ministry are volunteering to attend the funeral Mass of parishioners as they are able. You would be notified via Flocknote e-mail or text message on your phone when there is a funeral in the church; if you are able, you would attend and represent the St. Thomas the Apostle parish family in supporting the family of the deceased with your presence. It would be an opportunity to practice one of the Corporal Works of Mercy: To bury the dead.

If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry, please contact the office and leave your name, e-mail address, and/or mobile phone number. You will receive notice of a funeral for one of our parishioners.  You are not required to attend… just show up if you can and provide comfort to the family of the deceased with your presence, and see our brothers & sisters Home by filling a few pews and lending your voices in prayer.

For Assistance:

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